Giving life to sake nurtures culture,
as sake conveys the spirit of the land

A storyteller that depicts its local culture

Rich, plentiful water. The rice paddies in autumn, undulating with golden rice stalks. The dark black appearance of a brewery, still standing after 100 years. Cultivated over time by Japan’s cultural and natural features and its craftsmanship, sake is a storyteller that depicts its local culture.

You’ll come to fully appreciate locally cultivated sake rice

So that you can feel firsthand the power of the local soil and water, the sake for “Saku” is made exclusively with Yamada Nishiki that's harvested from a single rice paddy belonging solely to the owner. We encourage you to savor this luxurious sake, made possible only by a relationship based on trust between local brewers and rice farmers.

The story of the land, as told through sake

We will link together sake makers who for many generations have loved their local area and been loved by the area's people; farmers who make the rice and crops that serve as sake's ingredients; and celebrities and cultural figures associated with each region. We’ll introduce these folks, from all over Japan, in the form of local stories. In the first year, we’ll deliver sake made with Yamada Nishiki, the king of sake rice, from Hyogo prefecture's Harima area, called the “hometown of sake.”

10 months of experiences that put you in tune

It takes time and effort for the crops to ripen. So we’ll be presenting the experience contents once per month, while we watch over the crops’ development. The content for “Saku” will not be designed to teach you everything in one day. Tuning into nature's clock is one way that we learn to reconsider our own place in the world.

You’ll receive sake brewed in
「a special tank exclusively for “Saku”

This sake just for members, brewed in an exclusive tank, will be delivered in two shipments, one each in the spring and autumn of the following year. You’ll get to enjoy four varieties of sake: 1)Unpasteurized & unfiltered, 2)Unpasteurized & filtered, 3)Aged at room temperature, and 4)Aged refrigerated.